ALERRT March-April 2017 Newsletter


It's About Time

John Curnutt, Assistant Director
ALERRT at Texas State University

Immediately after Columbine, agencies across the nation looked around and determined first-responders needed better training, policy, leadership and equipment so they’d be better at saving lives. It was about time. Over the years, ALERRT has been blessed with the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally teaching and evaluate others who teach our program in many different environments. In doing so, we’re struck by the passion and intense effort being poured into readying our responders for “the day.” With schedules, budgets and effort being precious commodities, tactical training is quite the endeavor and solicits much spirited debate and analysis into what works “best.” With a library’s worth of information, we all set out to maximize the precious hours we have in our classes to transfer that knowledge and develop capabilities in our officers. Much of what we are responding to and the challenges we face in how we prepare for it comes down to time management.

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