Active Attack Integrated Response Course (AAIR)

Includes up to 9 Cases:

Case #1

1. Weapons and Accessories

Weapons - Contains Glock 17t (simunition) weapons, magazines and cleaning supplies.
Case #2

2. Demonstration Case

Contains Glock demonstration weapons, SIRT Demo weapons, Go-Bag and miscellaneous class supplies
Case #3

3. Distraction Devices

Contains flash bang simulator bodies, inert pipe bombs, instructor vests, two way radios and a Garrett metal detector.
Case #4

4. Electronics

Contains a laptop computer (preloaded with course documents/videos) and all required peripherals to instruct (speakers, remote, wiring packages) jump drives with class materials (Backup copies) LCD projector and power strip.
Case #5

5. Emergency Management

Contains all medical/emergency management vests, semi-expendable moulage, CAT tourniquets, eye protection and two way radios.
Case #6 & #7

6. Helmet Case

These cases are exact duplicates. Contains complete sets of safety gear (head and throat protection), plus no-fog spray and instructor's safety gear.
Case #8

7. Radios

Contains a complete set of radios for all participants.
Case #9

8. Medical Moulage

Contains specialty medical and supplies to maintain medical device function this case.
Case #10

9. M4 (Optional)

Contains two M4 platform (simunition) rifles, sights, slings, spare magazines.

Did You Know? 17 active shooter incidents so far in 2019.

17 active shooter incidents so far in 2019.