Active Attack Integrated Response Course (AAIR)

Includes up to 9 Cases:

Case #1

1. Weapons and Accessories

Weapons - Contains Glock 17t (simunition) weapons, magazines and cleaning supplies.
Case #2

2. Demonstration Case

Contains Glock demonstration weapons, SIRT Demo weapons, Go-Bag and miscellaneous class supplies
Case #3

3. Distraction Devices

Contains flash bang simulator bodies, inert pipe bombs, instructor vests, two way radios and a Garrett metal detector.
Case #4

4. Electronics

Contains a laptop computer (preloaded with course documents/videos) and all required peripherals to instruct (speakers, remote, wiring packages) jump drives with class materials (Backup copies) LCD projector and power strip.
Case #5

5. Emergency Management

Contains all medical/emergency management vests, semi-expendable moulage, CAT tourniquets, eye protection and two way radios.
Case #6 & #7

6. Helmet Case

These cases are exact duplicates. Contains complete sets of safety gear (head and throat protection), plus no-fog spray and instructor's safety gear.
Case #8

7. Radios

Contains a complete set of radios for all participants.
Case #9

8. Medical Moulage

Contains specialty medical and supplies to maintain medical device function this case.
Case #10

9. M4 (Optional)

Contains two M4 platform (simunition) rifles, sights, slings, spare magazines.

Did You Know? 27 Active Shooter Incidents in 2018 Claimed 85 Lives and 128 Injured.

27 Active Shooter Incidents in 2018 Claimed 85 Lives and 128 Injured.